Friday, 11 November 2016

Family Pendorong Utama Dalam Shaklee

When I decided to jump into Shaklee business, I didn’t tell a soul.. Not even my husband..let alone everyone else..i don’t know why but probably it’s because that I know me, my attitude, myself..knowing that I might stop even before I start just because..but that is the passed..Family Pendorong Utama Dalam Shaklee

I told my master or upline that I wanna change my life..wanna do more and gain WHY I need to success in Shaklee..right after that I started to change my routine..start to update status know to make my presence in the media social so that people will know and aware of me..branding myself..change my picture and what not..

You know who is the first to notice that? My husband..yup..he do notice that I update more and more and i uploaded my daughter’s photo.. to tell you the truth, i am not fond of having my daughter's picture online or my picture for that matter..

And he asked “kenapa ayang letak gambar eryna sblh shaklee?”
And I said “ayang nak serius in Shaklee..this is solely for marketing purpose..ayang nak tolong abang”
And he replied “abang ok je..ayang jangan risau”

The way he said that make me wanna do more.. he doesn’t need to say something else..

Second person to notice my presence in the media social is my friend..Teha..she’s always know what’s with me..haha..and I told her about my plan..and she’s all in..gonna support me whenever I need it..

And after a month in doing Shaklee, I told my mother bout it..and being a mother she is, always support me whenever I needed it..

You see, its on us whether we wanna succeed or fail.. I know its hard as I am having difficulties in changing my routine..i have to change my mind set..i have to work hard because there’s so much I wanna do and achieve..

But if its not now then when? If I didn’t do something who will?


but whats done need to be done aite? 

if u think u are up to the challenge, u are welcome to join my group..

Do contact me when u decide wanna do more..for yourself and your family..

Farah Liana

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