Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Very First Customer In Shaklee

Haiii..I dont know how to say this but i am not sure how can i describe My Very First Customer In Shaklee..

lets make this quick ya..my daughter just fall asleep lepas semalaman tak tidur..maknanya saya pun tak tidur jugak..

anak tak sihat jadi semua benda tak boleh nak buat..ni dia tidur baru lah boleh bernafas sikit..lepas ni nak kemas rumah fast and furios..sian husband balik keje penat-penat rumah sepah..misali tak i? haha

ok2 back to the main point..

saya start consume shaklee around 2 and half years ago..dah lama kan..but i just decided to make it as my biz recently..however, throughout the years anybody who knows that i am a SID they bought from me..my colleguea, my relative, my friend..so can i consider them as my first customer?

and now since i started seriously around 1 month ago, ive got few new customers..so is that make them my first customer?

macam2 cerita dengan customer..ada yang survey sebulan lamanya..ada yang terus bank in duit..ada yang easy peasy ada yang very rigid..

regardless of customer's mixing style, i am grateful that they choose me as their trusted SID..coz i've made effort in service them as their Pro SID..

how about you? trust me enough? u will never regret it..shaklee has always been and always safe for you..

Farah Liana 


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